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Welcome to the Universe

HashGuardians Universe is an action-adventure gaming platform focused on entertaining gameplay, player engagement, and classic arcade fun. We are building community driven content focused on the creation of a true multiplayer universe – one filled with a variety of creatures and characters.



Genesis Characters

Jump in-game using a randomly generated Genesis Collection HashGuardian and try our Pre-Alpha sample content. Guardians will be free to equip, swap, and share weapon, items, and armor as they progress.

Arcade Experience

HashGuardians Universe merges classic arcade-style fun with the benefits of character progression, leaderboards, and community events.

Growing Universe

HashGuardians is partnering with leading brands and communities to build a thriving community for everyone.  Join the Universe and let’s grow together!  Check out our partnerships


Cultivating Community

Gameplay is centered around the story of the HashGuardians – an ancient guild tasked with keeping peace throughout the galaxy.  Eight Core Worlds form the foundation of the guild, each represented by an ancient Order.  

Whether you enjoy fantasy RPGs details, post-apocalyptic cyberpunk vibes, or the dusty streets of Old West shootouts, each world will have its own unique gameplay and style.

Play with your friends and experience the power of cross-community fun. Battle to survive on our open-world pre-alpha sample map and compete with one another on our weekly top score leaderboard. As the HashGuardians Universe platform continues to develop, additional multiplayer features will be added with an emphasis on community events, achievements, and progression.

Evoking the classic arcade era of the 1980s and early 90s, mini-games will bring challenge, fun, and a diverse set of gameplay loops into the Universe.  Chain together combos and super jumps as you battle for high score rewards each week in our first mini-game: the Infinity Jump Tower. 

Combat in the HashGuardians Universe breaks the mold of the typical class systems in RPGs. Players will be free to equip their characters with any weapons or gear from their inventory.  Looking to outfit a Robo Wizard or bring a Mummy to an Old West shootout?  You are free to create your own legend in the Universe.

As work on the HashGuardians platform continues, seasonal content will be integrated into our gameplay.  This content will provide new and fun methods for participation, new goals for players, and unique, community-focused events with our partners.


Recognizing Achievement

Progression in the HashGuardians Universe is more than simply stacking HashCoins or acquiring gear. Our progression systems will value the gameplay skill of the player, the achievements of their unique characters, and the growing legend of both.

Serving as galactic peacemakers, the HashGuardians Guild serves a pivotal role in maintaining law and justice in the Universe.  As each Guardian begins their career, they will need to earn their place within the Guild. Only through outstanding performance and dedication to their career will Guardians be granted promotions and unlock their true potential. 

Some skills can be earned quickly, while others are simply a matter of experience and time.

Your reputation is everything.  Within the HashGuadians Guild, each player will be given the opportunity to enhance their reputation and build their legend through unique upgrades to a Legacy Item.  This item represents the achievements of the player and the legend they are creating for themselves in the Universe.  Legacy Items are unique to their owner, and separate from the Guardian character promotions.

Rankings are at the core the of competitive side of HashGuardians.  Whether looking at the overall performance of individual Guardians throughout their career or specific accomplishments within mini-games or seasonal content, ranking on our leaderboards will be another way for Guardians to gain rewards and the resources necessary for Promotions and Legacy Item upgrades.


Rewarding Efforts

Along with progression, player participation will form the foundation of our HashGuardians platform economy.  Rewards will come in a variety of forms, with a focus on encouraging active participation and rewarding long-term engagement.

HashCoins are the in-game virtual currency of the HashGuardians Universe.  Building on the classic foundation of gold in RPG style games, HashCoins are the primary medium of exchange and can be earned through gameplay and collection rewards.  

Quanta is an extremely rare crystal that powers much of the technology in the Universe.  Quanta can currently be earned within our gamified discord community and is essential for any Guardian looking to upgrade their capabilities as the HashGuardians Universe grows.

We believe that our players should retain control over their time spent in-game through tangible asset ownership.  Accordingly, items such as loot boxes, weapons, armor, gear, and the genesis collection of HashGuardians characters themselves will be owned by our players.  Use them, upgrade them, trade them – our players will have direct control over their rewards and our asset economy.

Expanding Gameplay

Quanta Rewards Await

Building Connections

Choose Your Homeworld

Legacy Upgrades

Elevate Your Community

Select one of our Integration Partnerships and join the Universe!

Ready to Play?

Jump in-game with our pre-alpha sample content.
Here’s how to gain access:

  1. Create a player account on our website.
  2. Select “Start Game” from your account menu.
  3. Place in the Top 10 scores each week on the Infinity Jump Tower for automatic HashCoin rewards! 
  4. Head over to Player Guides for controls, gameplay tips, and info on connecting your wallet to play with your personal Guardian.

The Infinity Jump Tower is located on the south-eastern (bottom right) side of town on the Pre-Alpha map.